BeefEaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box 6-7″


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Beefeaters White Rawhide Bone Bulk Box The Beefeaters Rawhide Bone is always a winner, so why not stock up, save money, and make everyone happy? These treats are premium quality, tasty and nutritious. Plus, the texture and chew cleans teeth and exercises gums to promote better dental health. It’s a snack you and your dog can feel great about. Features: · Made from top quality beefhide · Non-staining · Hot-air dried to preserve full protein content · Nutritious and fun for your dog · Long-lasting flavor · Massages gums and removes tartar · Satisfies your dog’s need to chew for hours on end · No chemical preservatives · Bulk box offers excellent value Item Specifications: Sizes: 4″-5″ (for small to medium breeds). Quantity: approx. 26 pieces. 6″-7″ (for medium to large breeds). Quantity: approx. 22 pieces. 8″-9″ (for large to giant breeds). Quantity: approx. 17 pieces.w

Price: $32.99

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  • Pack of 20
  • Size 6-7"
  • American Hide Made in Latin America
  • Premium Natural Rawhide Bones
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BeefEaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box 6-7″
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